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DoomKernel for Xperia Play Overclocking your Xperia

DoomKernel is one of the best kernels to improve the Xperia play, if not the only best, until now I tried like 3 kinds of kernels, Stock Kernel by Sony Ericsson, some modified kernel to accept over clocking and under clocking, and DoomKernel.
The first one lacks freedom, the second one sucks battery, but  the final version of DoomKernel actually made my battery live longer by making me able to tweak my processor by under clocking it.

Xperia Play of course GSM
Unlocked Bootloader
stock SE 4.0.2.A.0.42/.58/.62 Firmware
Fastboot - Google SDK and Xperia USB driver

For the download link and how to install please go here, and read everything on the page before doing anything.

Here is a demonstration, not my video by the way.


M.Shajid said...

Wow This is absolutely Coool! I really like to Overclock all my android phones. never fails to me. thank you for the Perfect guide.

Overclock Xperia X8

paininyourhead said...

hello, I'm a newbie and I wanted to ask if its possible put DoomKernel if I have 3.0.1.A.0.145 build cyanogenmod
if no id like to know how.. tnx. waiting for your awnser

Unknown said...

i recently ungraded my xperia c to lollipop 5.0. and the kernel version is Linux 3.4.5. i want to upgrade the kernel. which other higher kernel is compatible with my xperia c please?

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