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Download Android 4.3 for Xperia Z CM10.2

Android 4.3 for cperia Z
Download here - Download latest, check the date

Sony Xperia Flashtool Download for Xperia Devices

Compatible Devices (might work for others try at your own risk)

  • Xperia Tablet Z
  • Xperia ZR 
  • Xperia SP
  • Xperia Z
  • Xperia ZL
  • Xperia TX (LT29i)
  • Xperia T (LT30p)
  • Xperia V (LT25i)
  • Xperia S (LT26i)
  • Xperia Arc S (LT18i)
  • Xperia Play (R800i|x)
  • Xperia U (ST25i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Arc (LT15i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Neo V (MT11i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Neo (MT15i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Neo L (MT25i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Mini (ST15i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Active (ST17i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Ray (ST18i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia Live Walkman (WT19i)
  • SonyEricsson Xperia X10 (X10i)

Flashtool is a flashing software that can be used to :
Flash original Images (Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.3 Images)
Root your phone
Install Recovery, Busybox, custom kernels
Clean your Rom (remove /system/apps apps of your choice) (Be careful, unless you really know what you do, do not modify the default list. This can make your phone stuck at the SE Logo)
Clear dalvik cache
Optimize (install of JIT v2) (Disabled in 0.4, will readd it as a plugin for 2.1 phones only)
Customize (installs apps found in the custom/apps folder of the flashtool)
Clean uninstalled (remove any references to system apps removed in the Clean (root needed) step)
Edit any text file on the device
Rebrand your device

Download from the list depends on your system:

      Windows Edition - v0.9.11.0 - MD5 : A0F880F3CF420A31D86026F49A2013D7
      Linux Edition - v0.9.11.0 - MD5 : 872F524E24AAE9E5C23961CBA5AD8D95
      Mac Edition - v0.9.11.0 - MD5 : F0F1E3160BDA70B700C09B49CFBBDE83

    Xperia Z Roms Download 2013

    Here is a list of all Xperia Z custom roms

    4.1 Jelly Bean based ROMs

    [C6603] - RomAur v1.3.2 [10.1.A.1.350] 27/02/2013 [Unlocked BL] 

    [C6603] XperiaLite Z v1 [10.1.A.1.350] [Unlocked BL] 

    KA07.1 XPERIA Z REVOLUTION 4.1.2 [Unlocked/Locked BL] 

    Rooted, Deodexed & Zip aligned stock based ROM 10.1.A.1.350 

    TuRdZzROM v1.32 [Unlocked BL] 

    [AOSP] OptiMax v1 [.434] 

    Glass Xperia v1 by DA customs (Locked BL) 30 march 

    FukLag v5 (Unlocked BL) .434 based 

    Fidelity Z (Locked/Unlocked BL) stock based 

    eXistenZ ROM v1 [Black edition] (Locked/Unlocked BL) stock based 

    EXCELSUS Z v1.1.0 (02/05) Locked BL 

    monxDIFIED ESSENTIAL SeXZ (Locked /Unlocked BL) v01-02 

    4.2 Jelly Bean based ROMs

    Unofficial CM10.1 FreeXperiaProject (FXP) Android 4.2.2 [Unlocked BL] 

    fxp209 based CM10.1 XperiaPremiuM v1 The Xperia Xperience 

    PAC v 22.01 OFFICIAL (CM) (AOKP) (PA) (0420) 

    [AOKP] KangXperiaProject 

    Avatar ROM 

    Bare Boned AOKP RC1 (JDQ39) 21/04 (Unlocked BL) 

    AOSP 4.2.2 alpha 1 (26/04) (Unlocked BL) 

    (aosp) (linaro 4.8) CarbonROM 1.7 

    Original post here

    Xperia Jelly Bean Lock Screen For All ICS Xperia Devices

    Xperia JB Lockscreen for ICS

    Works on all ICS roms which supports xperia lockscreen.(will not work on miro,tipo,j if you didn't install right framework).

    Minimum RAM usage is 2,5 MB (If you choose image from Xperia Wallpapers - probably will be 15 MB) and unfortunately no swipe notifications.

    Don't try to install - put to system/app, set right permissions and reboot.


    HTC keyboard for Xperia S, P, U, Sola, Acro S

    HTC keyboard for Xperia S, P, U, Sola, Acro S might work on other Xperia Devices.

    Download from here

    Jelly Bean Rom For Xperia S

    Brought to you by team FreeXperia


    Cyanogenmod 9 and AOKP Themes 105 THEMES

    This themes should be able to work on any CM9 or AOKP rom (ICS ROMS) on any phone,  not compatible with CM7 (ginger bread).

    [X/H/*] Holo Purple [Ricardo Cerqueira]
    [X/H/*] Holo Green [Ricardo Cerqueira]
    [X/H/*] Holo Red [Ricardo Cerqueira]
    [X/H/*] Holo Orange [Ricardo Cerqueira]
    [X/H/*] Outline [Ricardo Cerqueira]

    [X/H/*] DarkICE [djdarkknight96]
    [X/H/*] DarkICE Lite [djdarkknight96]

    [X/H/*] Blue Infinitum [Razer(x)]
    [X/H/*] Black Infinitum [Razer(x)]
    [X/H/*] Green Infinitum [Razer(x)]
    [X/H/*] Orange Infinitum [Razer(x)]

    [X/H/*] greenICS [Bazar6]
    [X/H/*] redICS [Bazar6]

    [X/H/*] Natemodz Red & Blue & Green & Yellow [NatemZ] NEW
    [X/H/*] Natemodz Red NO Gloss [NatemZ]

    [X/H/*] X-Blue [X-planet Design]
    [X/H/*] X-Freedom [X-planet Design]

    [X/H/*] Mixer [MrDSL]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Orange [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Gold [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Purple [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Red [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer LimeGreen [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Turquoise [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Pink [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Silver [MrDSL & ebs512]
    [X/H/*] Mixer Yellow [MrDSL & ebs512]

    [X/H/*] CherryGum Lite [pauljohnson75]
    [X/H/*] GrapeGum Lite [pauljohnson75]
    [X/H/*] SpearmintGum Lite [pauljohnson75]
    [X/H/*] BubbleGum Lite [pauljohnson75]

    [X/H/*] Something Something Darkside Red & Blue & White &
    DarkBlue & Orange & SuperCombo [zathus]
    [X/H/*] Something Something Darkside Red Inverted &
    White Inverted & Orange Inverted [zathus]

    [X/H/*] Murder [B-boy]
    [X/H/*] Smurf't Out [B-boy]
    [X/H/*] Venom [B-boy]
    [X/H/*] Berry Blast [B-boy]
    [X/H/*] Blizzard [B-boy]

    [X/H/*] Ghost (AOKP for Now) [nmiltner]
    [X/H/*] Amaize n Blue [nmiltner]

    [*/H/M] Ice9 [jasonevil]
    [*/H/M] Xperia S [jasonevil]

    [X/H/*] Slate [anthonycr]
    [*/*/M] Afterburner [anthonycr]
    [*/*/M] Volcano & Slow Motion & Yellow Bird & Aurora & Barbie Pink [anthonycr]

    [X/H/*] Cobalt [dustinb]
    [X/H/*] Crimson Cobalt [dustinb]
    [X/H/*] Purple Kush [dustinb]
    [X/H/*] Cotton Candy Cobalt [dustinb]
    [X/H/*] Gunmetal Cobalt [dustinb]
    [X/H/*] Kiwi Cobalt [dustinb]

    [*/H/*] Galaxy Cream Sandwhich [the1dynasty]
    [*/H/*] Sprinkled Cream Sandwhich [the1dynasty]
    [*/H/*] Hot Cream Sandwhich [the1dynasty]
    [*/H/*] Royal Cream Sandwhich [the1dynasty]

    [X/H/*] MIUIv4 [nitinvaid]
    [X/H/*] Label Orange & Cyan & Lime & Dark [nitinvaid]

    [X/H/*] Red Elegance & Emerald & Dark [artvandelay440]

    [X/H/*] HTC.EleganceX [elelinux]
    [X/H/*] Aluminum [elelinux]

    [X/H/*] Red Blast [shaiknbaik]
    [X/H/*] Green Blast [shaiknbaik] NEW

    [X/H/*] Bizzaro [bensdroid] NEW
    [X/H/*] H2G2 [bensdroid] NEW

    [X/H/*] Androidian [Fyb3roptik]

    [X/H/*] ICS Fixer [Sonny Sekhon]

    [X/H/*] Black Exodus [Nitroz]

    [X/H/*] Ice Cream Infusion [shane6374]

    [X/H/*] Simplized [mihovil13]

    [X/H/*] Touchwiz 4.5 [thomassafca]

    [X/H/*] Sense 4 Final (OLD) [Jorgefc82]

    [X/H/*] Sense 4 [BlackDub]

    [X/H/*] Sangre [nmiltner]

    [X/H/*] Green ICS [Scott Holt] 

    [X/H/*] Xperia ICX [egyptshun]

    [X/H/*] MotoBlur [soudy1994]

    [X/H/*] Planet Android [shane6374]

    [X/H/*] The Pyrple Rabbyt [rabbitfoot]

    [X/H/*] Vegas Gold [hedwig34]

    [X/H/*] MotoInspired [NITRO_100]

    [X/H/*] Boss [ejatds]

    [X/H/*] Zeon Green [Team Zeon]

    [X/H/*] Touch0Color [dillym34]

    [X/H/*] MasterUIv4 [mastershefis]

    [X/H/*] Dream Blue (MIUIv4) [giannisgx89]

    [X/H/*] Slacker [epicnoob66]