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Xperia Z Roms Download 2013

Here is a list of all Xperia Z custom roms

4.1 Jelly Bean based ROMs

[C6603] - RomAur v1.3.2 [10.1.A.1.350] 27/02/2013 [Unlocked BL] 

[C6603] XperiaLite Z v1 [10.1.A.1.350] [Unlocked BL] 

KA07.1 XPERIA Z REVOLUTION 4.1.2 [Unlocked/Locked BL] 

Rooted, Deodexed & Zip aligned stock based ROM 10.1.A.1.350 

TuRdZzROM v1.32 [Unlocked BL] 

[AOSP] OptiMax v1 [.434] 

Glass Xperia v1 by DA customs (Locked BL) 30 march 

FukLag v5 (Unlocked BL) .434 based 

Fidelity Z (Locked/Unlocked BL) stock based 

eXistenZ ROM v1 [Black edition] (Locked/Unlocked BL) stock based 

EXCELSUS Z v1.1.0 (02/05) Locked BL 

monxDIFIED ESSENTIAL SeXZ (Locked /Unlocked BL) v01-02 

4.2 Jelly Bean based ROMs

Unofficial CM10.1 FreeXperiaProject (FXP) Android 4.2.2 [Unlocked BL] 

fxp209 based CM10.1 XperiaPremiuM v1 The Xperia Xperience 

PAC v 22.01 OFFICIAL (CM) (AOKP) (PA) (0420) 

[AOKP] KangXperiaProject 

Avatar ROM 

Bare Boned AOKP RC1 (JDQ39) 21/04 (Unlocked BL) 

AOSP 4.2.2 alpha 1 (26/04) (Unlocked BL) 

(aosp) (linaro 4.8) CarbonROM 1.7 

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